Our Objectives

Our Objectives

a) To establish, acquire, maintain , manage and run schools for the benefits and use of semi-urban rural population.

b) To undertake extra moral studies, extension programmes and field outreach activities contributing to the development of society.

c) To formulate and implement plans, schemes and programmes in relation to science, medicine, technical education literature, fine arts, commerce, management, computer science for semi-urban/rural community development

d) To enable opportunities for the socially & economically weaker section of society, poor, handicapped and females etc.

e) To work for the development of harmonious relations among all citizens irrespective of caste , creed , sex, or religions

f) To perform all acts as are incidental or conducive or necessary to the achievement and attainment of the aims and objectives of society/ society and allied social activities and services stated here to or any of them for betterment of human race.

g) To raise or acquire funds or property from Central Government, State Government, Non-government agencies, charitable trusts by way of donations of grants or contribution or by taking loan from public and private financial institutions. The funds, properties, assets and all other resources, present and future of the society shall be utilized for any or all purposes or objects of the society as stated above and also for all other similar activities in furtherance for ideals of truth and non-violence.

Shanti Shiksha Samiti

Shanti Shiksha Samiti (translated to ‘Shanti Education Society’ in English) is a registered non-profit and secular organization dedicated to catalyzing socio-economic change in India.

Established in 1992 and re-incorporated in 2013, Shanti Shiksha Samiti is not only an institution but a network of values, systems and relationship with modern scientific ideas committed to provide high quality education to children.



Address : Shanti Shiksha Samiti (regt. NGO), Railway Road, Palwal, Haryana, 121102

Ph. : +91 9557014804, 9720493327

Email : info@ssseduworld.org

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Shanti Public Sr. Secondary School, Palwal

SPS International Academy, Kosi Kalan