President’s Message

President’s Message

Dear Parents/Students,

I take this opportunity of sharing with you the fact that Shanti Shiksha Samiti is dedicated to the noble cause of education and empowerment of children from semi-urban rural areas in India.

Our organization is currently operating two schools, SPS International Academy in Kosi (UP) and Shanti Public Sr. Secondary School in Palwal (Haryana). Both schools are premier educational institutions that are being managed by a group of visionaries who are striving hard to fulfill the educational needs of the local community. Starting from some handful of students, the schools have expanded now and continue to grow as we serve thousands of children annually.

We are very thankful to the administration of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh for their respective support and guidance to enable us to carry out our mission. Our organization has always strived for excellence by ensuring a trinity of superlatives - students, faculty and infrastructure, fostering a conducive environment to deliver quality-education.

Since the organization’s inception, our schools have remained committed to creative archiving and dissemination of knowledge in various streams for the service to society. Our system ensures that the quality of education is constantly monitored and the standards are not just reviewed and maintained but also improved with each day. Selection of students in IIT/JEE/PMT/ISRO/CPT etc. and other reputed courses and institutions for higher studies speaks volumes of the quality of education being rendered to the students in the school.

As a committed President of the organization and Chairman for both the schools, I may assure each one of you, who is seeking admission for children across different classes that the school possesses state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as sophisticated equipment in classrooms and laboratories to foster the acquisition of knowledge and skillsets that the domains like arts, science, and commerce may require.

We aspire to develop students with sound knowledge & skill, respect for the profession, social and ethical values, and traits. To foster the holistic development of students across physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions, we organize several cultural, sports, social & scientific activities annually. We also regularly invite leaders and motivators from all walks of life to encourage our students.

Our commitment to further improve and achieve high standards remains firm and unwavering, and we hope to continue to provide an enabling atmosphere to all our students, empowering them to soar higher in the skies of learning.

With best regards,

Mahesh Goel
President (Shanti Shiksha Samiti)

Shanti Shiksha Samiti

Shanti Shiksha Samiti (translated to ‘Shanti Education Society’ in English) is a registered non-profit and secular organization dedicated to catalyzing socio-economic change in India.

Established in 1992 and re-incorporated in 2013, Shanti Shiksha Samiti is not only an institution but a network of values, systems and relationship with modern scientific ideas committed to provide high quality education to children.



Address : Shanti Shiksha Samiti (regt. NGO), Railway Road, Palwal, Haryana, 121102

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Shanti Public Sr. Secondary School, Palwal

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