The mission of Neenv, a preprimary wing of Shanti Shiksha Samiti, is to nurture inquiring young minds through unique creative educational experiences and stimulating teaching approaches that incorporate the best of rural and semi-urban areas, such as Palwal. Our program focuses on developing the mind, body and soul of every learner in order to create a life-long love for learning. Our learning experiences, while remaining rooted in Indian values, will enable children to become successful leaders and effective communicators who can adapt effortlessly to a culturally diverse and ever-changing world.

We respect children as unique individuals, innate with limitless potential, who’re curious and interested in their world around them. We acknowledge children as sophisticated thinkers and communicators, adopting hundreds of languages to share their thoughts and feelings. We embrace our role in providing a safe, secure and stimulating environment.

Our learning environments are meticulously created and customised. The design of our school is intended to excite the imagination of the children, and provide them a stimulating learning environment.

Our school follows Play Way methodology where teaching is fun interactive to suit a child's interests. We make teaching more lively, through a series of activities like games, songs, free play, puzzles, etc. Whole premises is under CCTV surveillance

If we talk about our teachers, they have fully imbibed the culture of love and respect for our little ones to build a safe, secure and benevolent environment for them.

At Neenv, we believe that self-awareness is the key to all personal and intellectual growth of a child. This is our guiding principal in interacting with them and nurturing their growth.

Shanti Shiksha Samiti

Shanti Shiksha Samiti (translated to ‘Shanti Education Society’ in English) is a registered non-profit and secular organization dedicated to catalyzing socio-economic change in India.

Established in 1992 and re-incorporated in 2013, Shanti Shiksha Samiti is not only an institution but a network of values, systems and relationship with modern scientific ideas committed to provide high quality education to children.



Address : Shanti Shiksha Samiti (regt. NGO), Railway Road, Palwal, Haryana, 121102

Ph. : +91 9557014804, 9720493327

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Shanti Public Sr. Secondary School, Palwal

SPS International Academy, Kosi Kalan